Pre-Nashville Days: The U.K. Connections: II

Warmest greetings!

During one of my several trips/tours throughout the U.K. (5 visits, thus far), I was introduced to some folks from Australia.  And, they invited me to come and visit them and they would arrange some ‘gigs’ for me to sing Gospel Music in a number of churches.

Long story short…circumstances and situations co-operated, and I was on my way.  Shortly after meeting up with them and doing some performing, I began getting offers and opportunities to do larger concerts and become a ‘Guest Star Performer’ in a touring production of a Jimmy & Carol Owens musical entitled, “If My People”.  One thing led to another, and before long, I was touring all of West Australia with the production company.  Additionally, I began recording for Australia’s New Song Records…released an album…and toured with a band in concert.  Within a year, I had become one of Australia’s Top 5 Contemporary Christian Recording Artists.  In addition to the musical production touring and the individual concert tours with my band, I was appearing on Australian television and radio.  I have such wonderful and fond memories of all of this.  And (long story short, again), when I finally prepared to return to America, I gave my ‘Farewell Australia Concert’ to a packed house at the Legendary Perth Concert Hall!  I’ll never forget staying around for an hour and a half after the concert giving hugs, photo ops, and signing autographs.  I love the Australian people.  I love Australia!

Well…this is actually a combination of ‘The U.K. Connections’ & ‘The Australian Connections’.

Stay tuned…more to come!  In the next post/blog, I’ll tell you about some of the wonderful people with whom I worked while in the land down under!

Ciao for now…

Scott  🙂


About Scott Carter

*Nashville Recording Artist* *International Charting & Performing Artist* *Singer/Songwriter/Musician* *Actor* *Philosopher* *Somewhat Bohemian & Gypsy Adventurer*
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