The Nashville Years: I

Warmest greetings!

Well, after having already been a musician, singer, songwriter, recording artist, & performing artist for many years–both in America and Internationally–I received a call from Nashville; Music City, USA.  It seems that my two album projects (“Good News”, recorded in Australia in the mid-70’s and “Going Home”, recorded in the Ozarks in Arkansas in the mid-80’s) found their way on to a legendary Nashville publicist’s desk who, in turn, placed them on a Nashville record producer’s desk with a personal, positive note attached.  So, after the record producer and his staff listened to my cassettes (Pre-CD days), I got the call to come to Nashville for an interview.

Long story short, this up and coming Nashville record producer who had aligned himself with Nashville’s legends ‘in the business’ (pro players, studios, engineers, songwriters, publicists, backing vocalists, and legendary Nashville artists) took me to lunch at Houston’s Restaurant and we spent about 3 hours getting to know one another.  After an awesome meal, about 6 glasses of iced tea, and a wonderful time of conversation…I was offered a recording contract and management-development deal!

Within a few short weeks, I was back in Music City working with absolute legends in the industry…on all levels…and being introduced to more of the same; from ‘behind the scenes’ writers and engineers and publicists and image consultants, et cetera… some of Nashville’s most famous and well known players and artists!  Wow!

My new publicist, Mr. Billy Deaton, had me backstage at the Grand Ole Opry hob nobbing with Ricky Skaggs, Box Car Willie, Little Jimmie Dickins, Hank Snow, et cetera…and, ‘hanging out’ with Mr. Roy Acuff in his dressing room with the likes of Eddie Raven, and others!  How cool is that?

My new producer, Mr. Robert Metzgar, was also introducing me to legends such as Billy Walker, Warner Mack, Tommy Cash, the Carol Lee Singers (backing vocalists at the Grand Ole Opry), et cetera!!!

Within 6 months of that long luncheon at Houston’s Restaurant in Nashville; I had been sort of initiated into some of the Nashville ‘family’, recorded my very first Nashville album, had a new photo shoot and artist development portfolio created, had my first single shipped to Country Radio in America, and was starting to climb the charts in several trades!  And, the requests for interviews started pouring in; locally, regionally, & nationally!  It was amazing!

There is so much more to share…but, enough for now.

Ciao, for now.

Scott  😀

PS:  While at Houston’s Restaurant, our waitress was eager to have Mr. Metzgar introduce her to this new artist from Louisiana (aka, me).  It seems that he had been in Houston’s, earlier that week, having lunch with a Mr. George Strait!


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