The Nashville Years: II

Warmest greetings!
As mentioned earlier, I was a singer, songwriter, musician, recording artist, and performing artist before ever setting foot in Nashville, Tennessee.  My previous blogs speak to that fact in “Pre-Nashville Days: The Louisiana Connections”…..”Pre-Nashville Days: The U.K. Connection”s…..and, “Pre-Nashville Days: The Australian Connections”.  However, all of these events and experiences prepared me for that call to Music City which resulted in a recording contract, management deal, three (3) Nashville album projects, and five (5) Nationally (and Internationally) charted singles.
As mentioned in “The Nashville Years: I”, everything seemed to happen so quickly.  Once I had my first single released to Country radio and it started climbing the charts, my producer and my manager and my agent and my publicist started being inundated with requests for my music and interviews.  And, with each charted single that followed, there was more advancement in the charts (in the USA and overseas) and the ‘buzz’ grew, month by month!
Another very exciting thing that I will never forget is hearing my song…for the first time…on commercial radio!  I even remember where I was at the time while driving down the highway. It was an awesome experience; almost surreal.  Just recently, I had the joy and honor of meeting Sonia Leigh (a major talent and rising star; on Zac Brown’s record label).  And, she experienced the very same thing fairly recently with the release of her song, “My Name Is Money”. Some people think that artists who finally ‘make it’ and ‘get a charted record’ and ‘get actual radio airplay’ are ‘over-night successes’.  That’s just not the case.  Ask Sonia Leigh.  And, well…ask me.  I had been writing, singing, playing, recording, touring, and ‘paying my dues’ for 20 years before it happened ‘over-night’ for me.  But, I am extremely grateful that it did happen; eternally grateful.
Each single release charted higher and stronger than the last. Then, we released my album/CD with all of the charted singles, “Scott Carter’s Greatest Hits”.  And, then it was shipped to all Country and Country-friendly radio stations all over the entire world! Well, this opened so many more doors and the international attention and fan base began to grow.
All of this led to the honors of being nominated for several Music City awards…and, actually winning some of them! More about that in another blog.
Ciao for now, friends.
Your pal,
Scott 🙂


About Scott Carter

*Nashville Recording Artist* *International Charting & Performing Artist* *Singer/Songwriter/Musician* *Actor* *Philosopher* *Somewhat Bohemian & Gypsy Adventurer*
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