The Nashville Years: V

Warmest greetings!

Here is the fifth submission in the series, The Nashville Years.

After my first Nashville Album Project was recorded, mastered, released, promoted, & shipped…..and, after a couple of songs from the album were released and promoted to Country Radio (and had charted)…..and, after the Album had been shipped to every Country and Country-friendly radio station on the planet (in every country)… record label and management group booked me to attend and work their Fan Fair booth in Nashville.  Fan Fair is an annual event held in Nashville where Country Music fans flock to Music City to see, hear, & meet their favorite and the up and coming artists; in person.

It was not only an honor, but a lot of fun, meeting fans from all over the country; shaking hands, hugging necks, doing photo ops, and signing autographs.   Additionally, just several feet away, were some major Country Music stars working their booths.  My two children, Matt & Angie, have fond memories of getting to meet Travis Tritt, Pam Tillis, and several others.  They especially liked meeting Pam.  To quote them, “Miss Pam was really nice!”.  🙂

From that first Nashville Album, my record label and promo team released and promoted five (5) singles over a year and a half period; and all 5 charted.  This, of course, started the ‘snowball’ of interviews (newspaper, magazine, TV, Radio, etc.) , public appearances, traveling, and the like.  After that initial 2 year period, other parties started showing a positive interest in me and my career.  At one time, I was ‘on the table’ and being considered for signing to four different Major Labels…all in the same year.  If I remember correctly, the labels who were considering signing me were:  Warner Brothers, Mercury, Polygram, & hmmmm (the 4th one eludes me, right now…but they were based in New York….hmmmm….if I recall their name, I will come back and edit this section).  The comments from the A&R departments were all very similar in nature; “Scott has as much or more talent than most of the artists already on our rosters!  And, he has accomplished all of this chart action and press and notoriety without the push and clout of a major label machine behind him!”.   I thought that was very nice of them to say.

Unfortunately, everything had gone ‘Young Country’ at this time in Country Music’s history.  And, I had somewhat of a late start in developing my Nashville recording and development career.  At that time, the major labels strongly preferred that a new male artist be under 40 (preferably, under 35)….and, that a new female artist be under 35 (preferably, under 30).  Well, I had just turned 40.  So, I stayed with my M.I.R.L. (Major Independent Record Label).  We didn’t have the clout of the Majors, but we all worked really hard and made things happen.  Personally, I remember driving from city to city and state to state visiting Country Radio stations.  Some would not give us (my manager and me) the time of day, others were cordial and friendly and would ‘give us a spin, or two’, and some were very thankful that we came by and would immediately put me on the air and do an in depth interview and play my songs.  I remember many road trips, airports, motels, restaurants, and meeting lots and lots of folks.  In retrospect, I would do it all again.

Also, I remember being called to the Governor’s Mansion for a private meeting and breakfast with the Governor and his family.  They were big fans of my music and had heard some really nice things about my involvement with charitable organizations.  So, Governor Buddy Roemer of the great State of Louisiana, did several things for me:  1.  He proclaimed Sept. 6 as ‘ScottCarter Day in the State of Louisiana’,  2.  He sent out a Press Release to all media in the State from his office,  3.  And, he contacted Baton Rouge’s TV stations that day and I appeared on several talk shows!  Wow!  How cool is that!?  All of this was totally unexpected…but, very much appreciated!

Well, enough for now.  I’ll write one more segment on The Nashville Years, soon.

All the best…..Ciao for now,

Scott  🙂


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