The ReverbNation Charts

Due to the wonder and magic and lightning speed of The Internet (Cyber Space, The World Wide Web), new horizons have opened up for Performing Artists.

Back in the late 1980’s and early 1990’s, the internet was in its infancy as regards the music and entertainment industry. Recognizable and respected music charting systems/formats were mostly associated with music trade magazines who were well connected and intertwined with radio (radio stations, DJ’s, MD’s, PD’s, station sponsored concerts and events, et cetera). Such trades/charts were: Billboard, Radio & Records, The Gavin Report, Cash Box, Music Row, The Indie Bullet, and a few lesser known ones.

That is the time period in which I had my 5 charted, hit singles (4 in Country Music; 1 in Gospel Music). And, that was one of the several qualifying factors, for a recording and performing artist, to be accepted into the CMA as a voting member…which I was for many years.

Today…well, things have changed. Sure, the trade charts are still there and very important…especially for the major label acts. But, now, as an Indie Artist, we have something which is dynamic, real time, instant, and based purely on the response and interaction of the listeners/fans; namely, the various Internet-based music platforms with their accompanying charting systems.

There are several out there in Cyber Space, and all have their place and importance. However, The ReverbNation Platform & Charting System is based upon the direct interaction with listeners and fans…internationally!

I have been very fortunate to have held the Number 1 Position on the ReverbNation Country Charts (Indie) in Florida for over 6 years, as of this post. I am deeply grateful; deeply thankful; and very overwhelmed. In fact, as of this week (the week of this post in June 2015), I am: No. 1 in Florida (6+ years straight)…..Top 30 in the USA…..and, Top 40 Internationally!

Launched in 2006, ReverbNation is an online platform that provides tools and opportunities for musicians to manage their careers. Since then, they have introduced a number of applications and services such as the TuneWidget, Band Profile Facebook app, and Promote It. In 2014, ReverbNation developed curation-at-scale technology designed to help locate and evaluate large groups of bands and artists, either for licensing and management opportunities or for larger events like Hard Rock Cafe, Rising, and Summerfest. ReverbNation’s user base currently sits are more than 3.8 million musicians, fans, venues, and labels in more than 250 countries worldwide.

And…(I love this, most of all)…their company slogan is, “Artists First!”.

For those of us who are no longer in or have never been in the Inner Circle of the Major Label, Major Funded, Major Promoted acts…several ‘key’ Cyber Space music/artist platforms with their accompanying charting systems are our opportunity for artistic status, cudos, realistic chart claims, and the like. And, in my opinion (with their spirit, technology, focus, & track record), ReverbNation is the place for an artist to be seen, heard, interacted with, promoted, and acknowledged for his/her work with no-nonsense charting activity. But, get this…not only locally, but state wide, nation wide, and internationally!

I send my personal thanks to Mr. Mike Doernberg, CEO and Mr. Jed Carlson and the whole ReverbNation staff for their vision, love, hard work, and support of artists everywhere.

Sincerely yours,

Scott Carter 🙂


About Scott Carter

*Nashville Recording Artist* *International Charting & Performing Artist* *Singer/Songwriter/Musician* *Actor* *Philosopher* *Somewhat Bohemian & Gypsy Adventurer*
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