2014 Update!

Hi Folks,

Well, 2011/2012/2013 were great years for the renaissance of my career and music! During this 3 year period, all of my 6 album projects were remastered and released on CMR Records (Carter Media & Records). And, our 3rd and latest Nashville Album Project (“Undeniably, Scott Carter”), was shipped to Country Radio, worldwide. Also, it has been receiving numerous, positive accolades from Country Radio, Fans, & Country Media, worldwide! Cash Box Magazine even contacted us and reviewed the project giving it 4 Stars and put it ‘up there with Tim McGraw and Garth Brooks’! Wow! During this tri-year period, we have been receiving radio airplay, worldwide, on some AM, FM, Internet, College, Satellite, Community, & Armed Forces Radio Network Radio Stations! Additionally, my very first Nashville Album Project (“Greatest Hits”) had an exclusive, multi-media re-release to Australia & New Zealand! It’s getting airplay, as well.

And, now, 2014 marks another milestone in my career. I just ‘inked’ (signed) an international record label deal with Tate Music Group & TMG Records based in Mustang, Oklahoma! Throughout 2014 & 2015, all six (6) of my albums will be re-released, marketed, & distributed by Tate; a cutting-edge, trendy, well connected, record label!

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“Nashville Recording Artist, Scott Carter”

Many thanks…Your pal,
Scott 🙂

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Scott Carter Inks New, International Record Label Deal!

Nashville Recording Artist, Scott Carter, has just signed a brand new, international record label deal! Check out the video! 🙂

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The Orlando Years

Dear Friends,

Warmest greetings!

It has been a while since I have posted on this site, but now is as good a time as any to pick back up where I left off.
So far, I have told you about my “Pre-Nashville Days” (‘The Louisiana Connections’…’The U.K. Connections’…’The Australian Connections’) and about my “Nashville Years”. Now I’ll address my “Orlando Years”.

***The Orlando Years & The 9 R’s*** (Reawakening, Recovery, Rehabilitation, Reincarnation, Rejuvenation, Renaissance, Renewal, Restoration, Revival).

It’s funny how things happen. After many years of little or no activity in my music career, suddenly—out of the blue—the planets align (or something) and everything starts happening afresh and anew and you find yourself ‘in the spotlight’ once again!
After Nashville and the swirls of interest in me any my music as chronicled in previous posts…being the somewhat bohemian & gypsy that I am…I wandered from city to city and state to state working in various jobs and professions. Though the artistic inclinations and visceral longings never really go away (sort of a paradox a blessing and a curse, a ‘mixed blessing’…of sorts), I thought my music career was over. One day you’re being pulled in 9 different directions with everyone wanting a piece of you, then…just as suddenly as it seemed to happen and linger for a few years…it almost seemed to vanish into thin air! But, alas, as Mr. John Travolta told me just a couple of years ago, “Scotty, once you’ve made your mark, they never forget you”.
So, seemingly out of that proverbial ‘thin air’ into which my music career evaporated & vanished, it reappeared…unexpectedly! And, for the last few short years, it’s as though I’ve picked right back up where I left off! Amazing!
Besides my Heavenly Father, my loving family (my Mom being my biggest fan, ever…..R.I.P. Mom), and a few die-hard fans & friends around the world…..I have several people to thank for this: 1. My first Nashville record producer, Mr. Robert Metzgar, released a 25th Anniversary Country CD Compilation and a 25th Anniversary Gospel CD Compilation of artists with whom he worked over the years. And, he chose to put me on both of those CD’s which were distributed around the globe! 2. A number of very close, die-hard, very supportive, & very convincing friends/family/fans who insisted that I ‘put myself out there again’ via the emerging Social Media (MySpace/Facebook/Et Cetera). 3. Mr. Matt Carter with BluFish Media in Orlando for his belief, support, & creativity. 4. Shawn & Angie Vigneri for insisting I have a personal website for my music and providing it for me, with technical help and support. 5. Mr. Dave Lauber of Lauberland Studios in Orlando for his belief, creativity, & support. 6. And last, but certainly not least, I owe a ton of eternal gratitude to one Ms. Snezana Martine Leporis in Victoria, Australia for believing in me and keeping my ass motivated and taking it upon herself to get my music out to the masses! Thanks to her undying efforts, a Scott Carter song is now being played somewhere in the world every minute of every hour of every day of every week; whether on Commercial Radio (AM, FM), College Radio, Community Radio, Internet Radio, Satellite Radio, and/or Armed Forces Radio! And I am so very thankful and honored that Suze is also the awesome President of The Scott Carter International Fan Club, and the Promo Team Leader for Australia & New Zealand!

**Special thanks also go out to Bill & Sue in the U.K. and Kris & Tatiana in Eastern Europe, as well.

Well, that’s enough for now. I’ll write more later to give you more of a detailed report of what has been happening over the past 4 years with all of this renewed, feverish interest in yours truly.

Until next time…God Bless,
Scott 🙂

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Scott Carter New Release Date Set For June 1, 2012

Undeniably, Scott Carter

Scott Carter USA

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Undeniably, Scott Carter Australian Press Release


Undeniably, Scott Carter

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The Nashville Years: V

Warmest greetings!

Here is the fifth submission in the series, The Nashville Years.

After my first Nashville Album Project was recorded, mastered, released, promoted, & shipped…..and, after a couple of songs from the album were released and promoted to Country Radio (and had charted)…..and, after the Album had been shipped to every Country and Country-friendly radio station on the planet (in every country)…..my record label and management group booked me to attend and work their Fan Fair booth in Nashville.  Fan Fair is an annual event held in Nashville where Country Music fans flock to Music City to see, hear, & meet their favorite and the up and coming artists; in person.

It was not only an honor, but a lot of fun, meeting fans from all over the country; shaking hands, hugging necks, doing photo ops, and signing autographs.   Additionally, just several feet away, were some major Country Music stars working their booths.  My two children, Matt & Angie, have fond memories of getting to meet Travis Tritt, Pam Tillis, and several others.  They especially liked meeting Pam.  To quote them, “Miss Pam was really nice!”.  🙂

From that first Nashville Album, my record label and promo team released and promoted five (5) singles over a year and a half period; and all 5 charted.  This, of course, started the ‘snowball’ of interviews (newspaper, magazine, TV, Radio, etc.) , public appearances, traveling, and the like.  After that initial 2 year period, other parties started showing a positive interest in me and my career.  At one time, I was ‘on the table’ and being considered for signing to four different Major Labels…all in the same year.  If I remember correctly, the labels who were considering signing me were:  Warner Brothers, Mercury, Polygram, & hmmmm (the 4th one eludes me, right now…but they were based in New York….hmmmm….if I recall their name, I will come back and edit this section).  The comments from the A&R departments were all very similar in nature; “Scott has as much or more talent than most of the artists already on our rosters!  And, he has accomplished all of this chart action and press and notoriety without the push and clout of a major label machine behind him!”.   I thought that was very nice of them to say.

Unfortunately, everything had gone ‘Young Country’ at this time in Country Music’s history.  And, I had somewhat of a late start in developing my Nashville recording and development career.  At that time, the major labels strongly preferred that a new male artist be under 40 (preferably, under 35)….and, that a new female artist be under 35 (preferably, under 30).  Well, I had just turned 40.  So, I stayed with my M.I.R.L. (Major Independent Record Label).  We didn’t have the clout of the Majors, but we all worked really hard and made things happen.  Personally, I remember driving from city to city and state to state visiting Country Radio stations.  Some would not give us (my manager and me) the time of day, others were cordial and friendly and would ‘give us a spin, or two’, and some were very thankful that we came by and would immediately put me on the air and do an in depth interview and play my songs.  I remember many road trips, airports, motels, restaurants, and meeting lots and lots of folks.  In retrospect, I would do it all again.

Also, I remember being called to the Governor’s Mansion for a private meeting and breakfast with the Governor and his family.  They were big fans of my music and had heard some really nice things about my involvement with charitable organizations.  So, Governor Buddy Roemer of the great State of Louisiana, did several things for me:  1.  He proclaimed Sept. 6 as ‘ScottCarter Day in the State of Louisiana’,  2.  He sent out a Press Release to all media in the State from his office,  3.  And, he contacted Baton Rouge’s TV stations that day and I appeared on several talk shows!  Wow!  How cool is that!?  All of this was totally unexpected…but, very much appreciated!

Well, enough for now.  I’ll write one more segment on The Nashville Years, soon.

All the best…..Ciao for now,

Scott  🙂

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The Nashville Years: IV

Warmest greetings, friends!
Well, here is number four in “The Nashville Years” segment. Not too long after my very first Nashville album project was completed and our very first single was released and began getting radio airplay, I was backstage at the Grand Old Opry hanging out with the legendary Mr. Roy Acuff in his dressing room. As was a tradition, if Mr. Acuff was available, he loved to meet and greet new and upcoming artists personally and introduce them to some of the Opry legends and stars who would stop by to pay their respects; he had an open door policy…very friendly, supportive, kind, hospitable, and almost ‘family-like’. Being introduced to Mr. Acuff by my producer and publicist (at the time), I was warmly invited to ‘hang’ with The Man and meet his peers! Now…how cool is that?!
The list is long, but over time I had the honor of meeting such artists as: Eddie Raven, Hank Snow, Little Jimmie Dickens, BOX (Box-Car Willie), McBride & The Ride, Skeeter Davis, Warner Mack, Ricky Skaggs, Bill Monroe (Father of Bluegrass), Jeanne Pruett, Sons of the Pioneers, Tommy Cash, et cetera.
In fact, the wonderful Carol Lee Singers (long time backing vocalists for the Grand Old Opry) did all of the backing vocals on my very first Nashville album project!
One night at the Opryland Hotel at an Awards Show for Indie Artists, I was nominated for two awards; song of the year and new male vocalist of the year. Seated next to my table was a hot new artist quickly taking Country Music by storm…one who would soon dominate the Country Music Industry and set new records. That person was Mr. Garth Brooks! Well, my producer handed him a copy of my new album and the next time they crossed paths, Garth told my producer that he and the boys had taken it with them on the road and listened to it on their bus and loved it! Now…how cool is that?!
Here is another story you may find interesting. Prior to an upcoming and new photo shoot in Music City, I stopped by a hair salon on Music Row. The lady who began styling my hair was very nice, very friendly, and very personable. She asked me about the occasion and I told her I was headed to the studio for a new photo shoot as I had just recorded and released a new album. I’ll never forget it. She said, “My Dad writes a few songs, now and then”. I said, “Wow, that’s cool”. She went on to say, “Yeah, and he’s done a little recording himself, from time to time”. I said something like, “Sweet!”. She said, “You may have heard of him…his name is Johnny Cash?”. I nearly fell out of her chair! I was having my hair styled by none other than Ms. Cindy Cash! Well, one of the songs on the album is “Feed The Children” and was written and recorded in honor of that organization. When I handed her a copy of my cassette (yes, I said cassette…this was in the late 1980’s), she noticed this song. She asked, “May I give a copy to my Dad? You know, he is with The Highway Men (Johnny Cash, Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, & Waylon Jennings) and they heavily promote this fine organization”. I almost fell out of her chair again! I said, “Of course!”. Well, it was a few months later when I finally had a couple of charted records that the legendary Country Radio station in Shreveport, Louisiana had me do an on-air interview…they played “Feed The Children”…promoted my album…promoted the concert…and they asked every ticket buyer attending ‘The Highwaymen Concert’ that evening in Shreveport to bring at least one non-perishable food item to the show and that the Feed The Children transport truck would be there to pick up the donations! I was honored, beyond words!  Again, how cool is that?! 🙂
<As a side note, for those who may not be aware, KWKH Country Radio in Shreveport, Louisiana is legendary because of its ties to the former Louisiana Hayride and all of the legends who got their start there (such as Hank Williams, Elvis Presley and many, many others)!
Well, friends, that’s enough for now. I’ll write number 5 in the near future.
Love and God Bless,
Scott 🙂

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